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Archers on Watch
Archers on Watch

Ever felt the desire to take gaming to the next level? Are you tired of sitting at a table or game station and only getting virtual satisfaction?

Live Action Role Playing (LARP) might be what you need. LARPing grabs you off the couch and throws you into the world of combat, magic, and high risk technical situations. We offer two types of games in Washington, and soon will have chapters in Las Vegas and Oregon.

In Scions, you can pillage, plunder, and smack your friends with foam! Adventurers travel from dimension to dimension following missions given to them by avatars or gods from above. Meet new friends and foes while adventuring across time! Our gaming group is for elves, pirates, and undead of 14 and older. It's a wonderful world of adventure, gold, creatures, and did we mention pirates?

Is the middle-earth not your scene? We have something else for you to try.

Pathways is a game where worlds are separated by portals known as "pathways". The government is strong, deadly, and usually willing to hire independent workers. These independents range from cyborgs, furries, onarl, and even terrans. In this world you can hack, slash, or program your way through life, just make sure your firewall is up and your programming is at least 14 years or older.

Did we forget to mention we use Nerf™ guns for game?

If you would like to become a member of our friendly gaming group, or at least try it out we are set up at the Jennings Park near the baseball field. We meet most months on the 1st and 3rd Sunday at 1:00. Bring friends with you, and make your way to earning a free game day!

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